Bad News Barrett
Name Bad News Barrett
First Appearance The on...AGAIN!
Latest Appearance The Return of Coy Rhodes?

Bad News Barrett is a main cast member for The JBL and Cole Show. His running gag is by taking Bad News to his fellow colleagues. He is some sort of a bodyguard and a butler. His gimmick was later used in WWE television

Before the show[edit | edit source]

In 2013, Wade won his third Intercontinental Champion from The Miz on Raw but lost to Curtis Axel two months later at Payback. Wade did a gimmick as the son of the barber in which he is trying to shave Daniel Bryan's beard in a failed attempt. After his loss to Bryan, he disappeared on WWE Television

Season 1[edit | edit source]

Episode 35

Wade Barrett was greeted by JBL. Then told to him about his condition and his advice on how to defeat Cody Rhodes.

Episode 37[edit | edit source]

Cody drops-by as he tries to let Wade remove his hat but he refused.

Episode 38

Hornswoggle is going to JBL and Cole but Wade told him that the show is over.

Episode 39[edit | edit source]

Following the moustache shaving, Barrett received a segment on each show where he would deliver bad news to various superstars starting with Cody Rhodes who was going to attend The Reunion. Wade said to Cody that the event is done then leaves. Cody would eventually say Bad News Barrett.

Episode 40[edit | edit source]

Wade delivered Bad News to Josh Mathews from his hometown.

Episode 41[edit | edit source]

Ted DiBiase announced his departure, Wade shows up to him and delivered bad news to Ted.

Episode 42[edit | edit source]

Wade wrote a Bad News Letter to Zack Ryder telling that his friends moved on from Zack's former show Z True Long Island Story.

Episode 43[edit | edit source]

On the laptop, Wade told to JBL that he cannot make it to Orlando.

Episode 44[edit | edit source]

Wade did not appear at this episode.

Episode 45[edit | edit source]

Wade shows up from the TV to Ricardo Rodriguez and telled him that Cole tricked him and gave waited RVD beaten by Del Rio at Battleground.

Episode 46[edit | edit source]

After the recent Bad News, Wade sends a message to the WWE Universe by leaving instead rather than saying anything.

Episode 47[edit | edit source]

Tensai was sent to the studio by Xavier Woods after he was naked. Wade came in the studio then mocked Tensai for oing the Wrecking Ball ridiculously.

Episode 48[edit | edit source]

On the final scenes of Halloween Special part 1, Wade mysteriously kidnapped Hornswoggle from under the table after Cody warned 'Swoggle during the phone call.

Episode 49[edit | edit source]

Hornswoggle was kidnapped then proceeds him into the secret dark room. It has been revealed that Wade and Cody was responsible of the noises that 'Swoggle heard over the past few weeks. 'Swoggle got tired on the Bad News delivered by Barrett. So, He told to Wade that he should deliver good news instead of bad news. With the disappointment of Cody, Wade accepts then delivers to Kaitlyn, Dolph and Punk until Renee Young want to tell good news from him about Cole but returns to bad news because he has no good news for him.

Season 2[edit | edit source]

Episode 53

The Bear was going to eat the cake, Wade shows up then warns him as the cake belongs to JBL's. After which, he kicked him into the gut.

Episode 54[edit | edit source]

After Renee told the Bear about the information. Renee then stole his line.

Episode 55[edit | edit source]

Barrett shows up at JBL's back wandering that they visited the first Starbucks shop in Seattle but he told to them that it was the 74th shop which made them wrong again.

Episode 56[edit | edit source]

Barrett interrupt Cody's last line of 12 Days of Christmas at the ending parts of the show.

Episode 57[edit | edit source]

Episode 58[edit | edit source]

BNB does not appear in this episode

Episode 62[edit | edit source]

Barrett told JBL and Cody that he's got on his hands and will reveal to them the next week.

Episodes 63-64[edit | edit source]

The following week, Barrett showed Cody, the real Clem Layfield. Then, later took a tour on the WWE event and later interrogates Clem.

Episodes 65[edit | edit source]

Cody proposed Barrett a bestfriend necklace but he declined. But instead told Cody about the golden boot, which he don't know where is it.

Episode 66-[edit | edit source]

Barrett handed out subpoenas to the Superstars for the Wrestler's Court 

Episode 72[edit | edit source]

Barrett was one of the people on the court. Barrett escorted Cody out and later went to the restaurant to find the tarot card reader.

Episode 73[edit | edit source]

BNB does not appear in this episode

Episode 74[edit | edit source]

After the verdict, BNB sent Cody via a tarot card reader, Oris the Oracle.Then later found out that JBL and Michael Cole were conspiring against them, forcing the two of them to stick together.

Episode 80[edit | edit source]

Barrett read Cody's letter telling that he's leaving and blame Renee Young for her actions after a recorded call with Clem.

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